My Pilgrimage Across the United States

Challenge Accepted


My pilgrimage is about the support and love of old friends, and the making of new ones. It’s about taking the high road or the low road. It’s about learning from my mistakes when I have taken the wrong road.

It’s about the simple things that can only be seen when I slow down and live in the moment. It’s about not living in the past and not being in such a hurry to see what the future holds for me.

It really is about learning to just be happy in the moment.
It’s about doing something I didn’t know if I could really do, and doing it very well. 
It’s about the headwinds pushing me away, and the tailwinds going my way all day long

It’s about ice cream and the smell of honeysuckle—how it always seems to surprise my senses. It’s about cold water and hot coffee, the first shower in days, the smell of a campfire in my clothes from last night.   

It’s living in the weather: the high winds and the cold nights, the lightning off in the distance, the storm over the top of me, battering my tent, not letting me sleep.

My pilgrimage is about the loving words of support from my dear friends and the random acts of kindness from complete strangers. It’s learning forgiveness.

It’s not about the past as much as it is about the present: learning to live in the now, this very moment. 
It’s about the massive mountain I am climbing, one pedal, one breath, one heartbeat at a time. It’s about getting too sore down the other side.

 It’s life so live it now.
By Thomas Skinner

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2 Responses to My Pilgrimage Across the United States

  1. Dick Hatch says:

    Picture of you rounding the curve from above is terrific, a real keeper!

  2. CT says:

    I love this message — so positive and hopeful! I am celebrating with you after your big success in Tulsa. Thank you for helping us understand PTSD; I hope together we can work for a better homecoming for our military servicemen and women.

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